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My first book on Angkor, shot in 1989 when the civil war was still on, and published in 1990. The first full-colour book on the temples because it had been inaccessible for the previous two decades. Publishers Weekly called it "An invaluable, breathtakingly beautiful record", and the Wall Street Journal "A remarkable book, a superb evocation".

256 pages, 212 photographs, hardback

I have just a few signed copies left at £50 +p&p. Please  use my Contact page


The guidebook I photographed and co-wrote with top French Khmer epigrapher Claude Jacques. It's a bestseller at Angkor itself, unfortunately mainly the pirated versions. So you could wait until you got there to buy a cheaper, poorly reproduced version, or you could just click here for the real thing!

240 pages, 360 photographs, paperback



This is a tiny book, just 4 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches, and very much like a memento; it's my personal exploration of hidden corners and hidden meanings, the symbolism of Angkor.

96 pages, 100 photographs, paperback



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