Mentoring for photographers

For photographers who, at any stage in their avocation or career, want personal coaching and guidance rather than the classroom experience, I do mentoring. This is a focused system, not vague chatting, and it all works toward outcome, as any good teaching method should. This means setting goals. If you want to work in one specific genre, like street photography, landscape or still-life, that’s OK too, although my areas of competence don’t include fashion, sports, weddings or wildlife.

It works best, in my experience, as a longterm programme, although I’m also happy to do short sessions if you have a clear idea of some very specific area or skill that you need to develop. The way it works is:-


Step 1: Profiling. Sounds like something out of criminal research, but it really means building up a profile of you as a photographer, your interests, skill sets, strengths and weaknesses. It includes a first portfolio review.
Step 2: Agree goals and outcome, in discussion based on the above.
Step 3: You make initial choices from a menu of about 150 topics. These are divided into three areas of skill: Technical, Visual and Conceptual.
Step 4: Based on the above, and with discussion, I create a tailored programme.
Step 5: We do it.


Costs are on an hourly rate of £60 (+VAT if applicable). You commit to 10 hours (to cover the preparation work). That’s my time, so you can choose to do face-to-face if distance permits, or Skype, or online correspondence. The last is the most cost effective, as your own time spent isn’t included, just my feedback. Typically, an hour a week ought to be good for most people, because you can then spend more than that yourself doing projects and assignments.

For a few short mentoring sessions (one to five hours) the cost is £75 (+VAT if applicable)

With the same pricing system, by the way, a one-to-one day’s workshop costs £500 (+VAT if applicable), wherever I am, which is likely to be London in the summer, Cartagena in February, or wherever I’m shooting, quite often China in April and October.


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