Following on from the success of my Foundation Course with MyPhotoSchool, which runs every two months and lasts two months, we’ve created a new online course called Perfect Exposure. This also lasts two months, but allows two weeks between the teaching videos for everyone to complete their assignments. The title says it all: It’s a course that will teach you the professional approach to achieving the right exposure for any lighting situation, however risky and edgy. Digital techniques and processing software make it tempting for some to downgrade the skill of getting the exposure right, relying instead on ‘let’s fix it in post.’ This course takes the opposite view. Get it right at the moment of shooting and you won’t need to ‘fix’ anything later. Instead, you’ll have the confidence to tackle any challenging lighting situation—and it’s the challenging ones that often produce the most creative results.

The book to accompany this course is—no surprise—my Perfect Exposure, which you can see here.

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